Donkervoort GTO-JD70 R goes a step further

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  • 2020-10-27 10:33
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Donkervoort GTO-JD70 R goes a step further

By now, everybody knows the D8 GTO-JD70 goes, stops and corners right at the limit of how fast a Donkervoort can be on the road.But what if the JD70 didn’t have to meet the rules of the road? What if it was only ever used on the track, transported and taken care of by Donkervoort’s own experts?

That’s when the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 R comes charging out of the garage, with new speed-boosting technology mixed in, track-specific crash safety bolted on and anything that won’t help scintillating lap times stripped out.

Donkervoort has thought of everything with the JD70 R, from custom-designed helmets to a full FIA firebomb, or from live car-to-pit telemetry to supercar-slaying braking brilliance.

The JD70 is the heart of Donkervoort, paying tribute to the 70th birthday of founder Joop, and the JD70 R is the soul, strengthened to blast around the world’s racetracks until its drivers need a rest.

It’s a car that’s not just blisteringly fast, but it has been loaded with features to give its drivers more confidence at the outer edges of its abilities.

There are additions like racing ABS, a shorter steering rack and power steering to make it easier for drivers to safely find more speed, and then there are other features like a full FIA-spec bladder fuel tank and foam for when things go wrong.

Anybody can drive the JD70 R very quickly, but it is now so potentially fast that even the best drivers can use help reaching its absolute limits, which is why Donkervoort even offers driver coaching with it, along with in-depth data analysis.

Donkervoort GTO-JD70 R gaat net een stapje verderDonkervoort GTO-JD70 R gaat net een stapje verderDonkervoort GTO-JD70 R gaat net een stapje verder

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