Dutch Lexus LFA Tokyo Edition spotted in Portugal

Dutch Lexus LFA Tokyo Edition spotted in Portugal

Pick up where you left off, that's what the following owner does. With his previous Lexus LFA, which he crashed and is still for sale, he drove through Europe. He does the same with his new car, the Lexus LFA Tokyo Edition.

The Tokyo Edition is a special version thanks to the exterior of the car. An unpainted carbon fiber roof and a big spoiler on the back have to show us that this is one of the nine copies of this special edition. Engine-wise nothing's changed but that's not even necessary. The 4.8 liter V10 easily produces 9.000 rpm and Clarkson labeled this car as one of the best cars he ever drove. It must be amazing to drive this car through Europe, we're wondering what the next stop of this LFA will be.

Nederlandse Lexus LFA Tokyo Edition gespot in Portugal

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