Everything You Need To Know Before You Paint Your Car

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Everything You Need To Know Before You Paint Your Car

Let’s say you have the chance to buy a vintage car. Everything looks good except for the exterior that looks worn and tried. The best solution is to have it painted. Now, the reason I bring up the fact that it’s vintage is that for most cars, it simply isn’t worth spending money on a paint job.

For an old car that needs updating, you’re probably better off buying a different car. And if you are in the market for a high end luxury car, then you should be able to get exactly what you’re looking for without needing to have it painted.

But a vintage, antique car is a different story. It is definitely worth it to put in the time or money to have it painted to bring it back to its previous glory.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to paint it though. Here is a list of the basics to give you something to consider.

Do it DIY

If you love to work on cars and give everything a personal touch, then you might want to consider painting the car yourself. It takes a lot of work, but when you DIY the paint job it can give you a lot of satisfaction. Many people do this so it isn’t something out of reach of the regular person who wants to give it a shot.

You just need to have the right products and a good space to do the work so you can take the time to do it correctly.

You’ll need to look into some automotive primers to lay down the base on which the paint will go. Then, you’ll need to pick the paint color that suits your taste and what you think looks best for the type of car. In addition, you’ll need some sandpaper, in fact lots of it, painters tape, some high density foam brushes and some paint trays.

You’ll start out with sanding the car down with 600 grit sandpaper and then moving down to 400 for the second pass. This will give the primer a base to cling to and also remove any of the impurities that would affect the final result. Then you add your primer and let it dry.

The biggest issue you’re likely to have is to sand after each coat of paint to make sure that the surface is totally smooth and without imperfections.

How much does it cost?

If you decide to paint the car yourself, then with all the products you end up buying it will still cost far, far less than what you’ll pay for it to be done professionally. In fact, it’s literally a fraction as you may only spend as much as $200 to do it yourself. Now, they say time is money and if you have never done it before then expect to take a long time to do it. Time which could be spent doing something else.

If you decide to go to a professional, then to get it done right can cost roughly $2,000. The types of shops that spend less than that will likely not do much of the prep work that you will do yourself to make sure the paint job is perfect. They often skip out on much of the sanding and only sand at the end. And they will use the fewest coats of paint as possible to cut costs.

A good auto body shop will take the time to do the prep and use as much paint as it takes to get the job done. However, this is what you pay for.

Benefits of painting your car

No matter what car you are painting, whether a vintage or newer car, it is going to look like it is brand new. If you are thinking of a new car and you don’t really want to spend the money, then getting a paint job is a good solution.

You’re also adding value to the car. If you decide to sell it, it will look like it is in very good condition and more likely to sell for more money.

Lastly, you can get rid of any rust or corrosion that is not good for the car. Instead of just covering up these defects, getting a paint job actually fixes the issues. The same goes for scratches that can’t really be erased but a paint job gets rid of them completely.

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