Exclusive Cars Every Students Dreams of

Exclusive Cars Every Students Dreams of

Each student has a dream. Sometimes young people's dreams are modest, but sometimes they are aspiring and include your own company, fame, fortune and, of course, a luxurious car. Though some may think that it's better to be more down to earth, such dreams are highly motivating and inspiring. Each new world-class company CEO was a student, too. Also, it’s never to late to create your own dream car! For example, the founder of the Lincoln Motor Company named it after the president that he loved and voted, just read more essays on Abraham Lincoln to know more.

So what cars you may add to your moodboard in 2020? We hope they won't become too outdated before you achieve your dream!

1. Tesla Model S
Tesla has already become an iconic high-tech luxury car. Its Model S, despite being electric, possesses characteristics absolutely comparable with gas cars. The newest S models are equipped with 100kWh batteries and allow a 379-mile ride, the longest among all the electric vehicles in production.

Tesla Model S isn't pompous, and its interior is elegant. Every detail is in its place, with everything designed in a wholesome high-tech style. Of course, the salon isn't it's only benefit. Tesla cars are zero-emission ones; they are quiet, fast and easy to control. They are the future of the car industry, after all.

2. Mercedes-Benz S-Class
The manufacturer boldly claims that it will become the best car in the world - and they may be right. The long-wheelbase salon makes it rigid and spacious, but the size of the car makes it no less comfortable - the air suspension with adaptive dampers turns a ride into an unforgettably smooth experience.

The S-class line possesses six engines to choose - four petrol and two diesel ones - but it also uses the benefits of hybrid technologies, boosting both its performance and efficiency. It isn't as silent as Tesla, but is also incredibly quiet and comfortable, both on city roads and highways. It isolates the driver and passengers from the outer world, creating a luxurious and completely controllable shell.

3. Jaguar XJ
Jaguar XJ is a rebirth of the late 1960's series that was the masterpiece of the manufacturer. The most recent version is also the best that could be created by Jaguar to date. The sportlike silhouette, sleek and a bit aggressive lines hint at the speed that is available with that car. The interior matches the overall view, being classical but stylish, with all the conservativeness combined with the most modern tech possible.

The driving experience is incredible with its durable chassis and 296bhp SDV6 diesel engine. The performance might not be the top one among the luxury cars, but the overall feeling and character of Jaguar XJ definitely make it a dream car.

4. Audi E-tron Quattro
Another electric car of the luxury segment, with emphasis on "luxury", E-tron Quattro possesses a powerful four-wheel drive and board computer intelligent enough to control each parameter of the vehicle. Convenient, comfortable and refined, E-tron Quattro allows the driver to enjoy the ride without any disturbances coming from the outside. The state-of-the-art technology matches the daring outlines of the car. The 150kW batteries can be charged rapidly, allowing to ride from 200 to 250 miles on a single charge that is more than enough for everyday travel.

While Tesla is one of the most promising and technological electric carmodels, Audi E-Tron Quattro is the most luxurious one to date. It is created for those who love the comfort and the classical feeling of a status vehicle.

5. Range Rover
The fourth generation of Range Rover is also a pinnacle of modern technologies. Its chassis is aluminium monocoque, allowing the vehicle to possess both a full-wheel drive and a luxurious character while staying a great off-road car.

The interior is traditionally spacious. However, the installed tech equipment makes it easy to drive the car of such size. The main advantage of Range Rover is its smooth off-road ride. While it's technically impossible to provide comfort equal to the highway ride, this is still a fascinating experience. The powerful six- and eight-cylinder petrol and diesel engines available in the series guarantee that no mud, dirt or rough terrain will slow the vehicle down, even despite its significant weight. The hybrid option is also possible, but it might be slightly less powerful, though more reasonable tax-wise.

There are plenty of cars to read about and to earn money for, and we choose the ones that we find the most appealing. Maybe, you have something else in mind? What makes you - personally - dream big and do your best to achieve your dreams?

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    It is sometimes considered a daydream for a student who wants to have a car, especially the expensive ones. For me, I used to get obsessed with Audi E-Tron Quattro. Now working in <a href= " https://beatcolor.com/ " > real estate photo editing </a> , I hope to afford one one day soon.

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