Exotic Cars and Grand Races All Around the World

Exotic Cars and Grand Races All Around the World

When it comes to the perfect combination, nothing fits better together than exotic cars and races. Cars which have been designed to impress and expel a jaw dropping moment are usually designed with horse power under the hood, allowing for some majestic moments when showing off in a race. Here we take a look at some of the most exotic cars and races around the world.

Vegas Baby!
That’s right, racing fans are granted a phenomenal opportunity to race exotic cars at one of the most popular destinations in the world; Las Vegas. The gambling hub offers race car fanatics a range of cars which includes a Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan, Shelby Mustang GT, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Roush Mustang RS3 and many other speedster machine beauties. SpeedVegas also allows visitors to build their own combo experience, an opportunity which allows car enthusiasts to race, not one, but a variety of these beasts. Racers pay per lap on the longest race track in Vegas. What goes hand in hand with racing some of the most coveted exotic cars in the world? Being in Vegas and visiting some of the most prestigious casinos. For those who appreciate the beauty of the fastest cars, the casino strip is the perfect hunting ground to spot some of the most leisurely cars in Nevada, not to mention you could probably make a quick buck at fastest casinos at their Roulette table.

Monaco Grand Prix
The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most popular races of all time across the world. The Formula 1 race takes place in the streets of Monaco and consists of 78 laps. It’s considered to be one of the most prestigious races across the world and has been running since 1929. Casino Monte-Carlo is one of the main attractions. As you know casinos, hot cars and races are all the rage amongst fans and the perfect place to spot exotic cars in their natural habitat.

Bathurst 1000
Also ranked amongst the top 10 most prestigious races in the world is the Bathurst 1000 V8 super car race. Here is where super car admirers congregate to view V8 machines putting pedal to the metal in an amazing circuit which includes a ‘Hell Corner’, the ideal place to watch these beauties drift in a race against time.
Limited Edition Exotic Car Models
Amongst some of the racing machines are a few gems that stand apart from the rest. Here are some of the most coveted cars in the world, what we consider prize gems.

Hennessey Venom F5
As the name suggests, the viper of a car reaches a top speed of 301 mph, ranking it amongst the top 10 fastest cars in the world in 2018. The road speedster can go from 0 to 249 to 0 mph in just less than 30 seconds, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. Top speed is 301 miles per hour.

Bugatti Chiron
This is a sight for sore eye. Possibly one of the most beautiful creations on this earth and one of the most admired exotic cars is the Bugatti Chiron. It has also been ranked amongst the fastest cars in the world, reaching 261 mph. You can pick this bad boy up for just $2.6 million, encouraging admirers to visit the casinos in Vegas to score one of the limited 500 Bugatti Chiron’s ever created.

Aston Martin Valkyrie
We cannot have a list of the top exotic cars in the world without the renowned designers of Aston Martin being on the list. This gorgeous invention retails for an impressive $3.2 million according to Forbes and has a V12 engine and only up to 150 will be produced.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster
If you can afford $4.5 million then this sleek creation could be yours. Built with a V12 turbo engine, an aerodynamic shell and an ultra-angular shape for speed, admirers can be sure to count this as one of the most costly exotic cars.
There are, of course, many other exotic cars that possess the power to stun and impress onlookers. Beautiful creations such as the above have been designed to be admired, the craftsmanship showing itself off and we do appreciate it.

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