Spotter Jeroen
Spotted in Maranello, Italy
Date 2022-01-04 22:18

Persoonlijke primeur! First for me. I was hoping to see a new 296 GTB and an 812 Competizione and I saw both. I felt so lucky because they car only did one lap. The styling of this new 296 GTB looks very interesting and I think it will sell really well.

Auto details

Topspeed 336 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 2.90 s
Power 830 hp
Torque 740 Nm @ 6250 RPM
Weight 1470 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS Dylan.  -  2022-01-05 at 07:29

    Ik ben hier wel erg benieuwd naar! Dikke spot!

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    ITALY supercar_expensive  -  2022-01-05 at 12:30

    Bella Foto👍️🏁

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    NETHERLANDS JCS_carphotography  -  2022-01-05 at 19:46

    Top foto´s! Ik weet het niet zo. Ik moet er erg aan wennen. Maar dat heb ik met de meeste recente Ferrari´s.

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    NETHERLANDS Sander458  -  2022-01-06 at 11:54

    Mooie spot! ik heb er inmiddels al 3 :)

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    NETHERLANDS Jeroen  -  2022-01-06 at 12:52

    Wow Sander, wat goed!

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    NETHERLANDS Michael.  -  2022-01-12 at 00:06

    Een mini SF90 noem ik dit model. Toffe spy spot!

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