Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato is really confusing

Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato is really confusing

What's the front and what's the back of the car? That's always my first thought when I see this car somewhere between all the spots on Autogespot. The back has a bigger bump than the front but if this wasn't the fact I would really be in doubt.

The Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato isn't the most beautiful creation but we do have to say that it looks really impressive. The GTZ Zagato was designed for the fiftieth anniversary of the design company and next to that this design is a reference to the 250 GTZ from 1956. Under the hood, the GTZ Zagato shares technology with the 575 Maranello. The price of this Zagato creation is very hihg. With only six copies an offer of 800.000 euros was rejected by the current owner. We don't know what these cars are really worth but you do need to think of a price over 1 million euros.

Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato is verwarrend

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