Ferrari F12tdf Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin is extreme

Ferrari F12tdf Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin is extreme

Everything made out of carbon fiber can be sold nowadays. Car fanatics really love it and especially the bare carbon fiber looks amazing. That was a great reason for the company Vitesse AuDessus to develop a Ferrari F12tdf with a bare carbon fiber bodywork.

Ferrari's F12tdf is already a really extreme supercar but for Vitesse AuDessus the F12tdf isn't exclusive enough. Meet the Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin Limited Edition Bare Carbon Fiber Package.

They will build five copies and every copy is custom-made for the customer. The basic choice is a carbon fiber bodywork with a red tint. Red makes the F12tdf look more aggressive. In the interior and the engine bay we also find some extra carbon fiber. Eventually, carbon fiber wheels are developed to make this Ferrari a real eye-catcher. The weight is reduced with a total of 158,8 kilograms. The original OEM components of Ferrari are deinstalled and can be reinstalled whenever yo want to. Eventually you will get a warranty of five years for the carbon fiber panels and the wheels. We don't know the price of this monster.

Ferrari F12tdf Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin is extreemFerrari F12tdf Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin is extreem

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