Spotter JACK888 Turin Spotter
Spotted in Turin, Italy
Date 2024-06-11 18:48

March 2024 This beautiful white F8 Tributo is owned by the same rental company that owns the Continental GTC I have just posted, and it was driving around with another rental F8 Tributo, a red one on German plates owned by another company, all the cars (including an RS3 I didn't spot) were driven by a group of relatives or friends. I won't post the red one for now as it's owned by a local rental company and I would like to take better front pics. In the pic N. 7 you can also see a third F8 Tributo that passed by while I was spotting those two, that specimen is already in my AG gallery as I have spotted it while it was driving with a yellow 992 GT3 RS.


Camera model COOLPIX P900
Shutterspeed 1/60 sec.
Focal length 9.8 mm

Auto details

Topspeed 340 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 2.90 s
Power 720 hp
Torque 770 Nm @ 3250 RPM
Weight 1435 kg

Comments on this spot

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    UNITED KINGDOM ST22HTV  - 2024-06-11 at 19:16

    3 F8s!!! Wow

  2. Profile pic
    ITALY Dalzzz  - 2024-06-11 at 19:50

    Bellissima la F8 bianca, e che combo!

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    POLAND P0Pro100u  - 2024-06-12 at 00:01

    I guess you found f8 and now they respawn like in GTA V, CRAZY combo!

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    ITALY JACK888 Turin Spotter  - 2024-06-12 at 00:38

    @ST22HTV Yeah, it was a great day haha, thanks Linus!
    @Dalzzz Vero, bianca molto bella e la combo tanta roba, grazie Fil!
    @P0Pro100u Thanks Jan, that's a good explanation for sure hahah

  5. This is not ok

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