Spotter CHSLinz AUSTRIA chslinz
Spotted in Vienna, Austria
Date 2019-06-21 14:46

Mindblowing surprise yesterday! Sudden rain forced this beautiful LaFerrari Aperta to wait under the canopy of the InterContinental. Hopefully this one will now be seen more often than with the previous owner!

Auto details

Topspeed 349 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u 3.00 s
Power 963 pk
Torque 900 Nm @ 2500 tpm
Weight 1630 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  2019-06-21 at 14:48

    Incredible find! Even more under these circumstances!

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    NETHERLANDS PetrolPower  -  2019-06-21 at 14:50


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    UNITED KINGDOM Carlegends  -  2019-06-21 at 15:19

    Nice shots!

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    CZECH REPUBLIC JNovy  -  2019-06-21 at 17:55

    Congrats ! I nothing than envy :-)

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    NETHERLANDS MercedesFreak  -  2019-06-21 at 18:57


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    GERMANY caymangt4  -  2019-06-22 at 04:29

    amazing spot! vienna seems to surprise recently!

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    AUSTRIA cevapcici  -  2019-06-22 at 10:01

    Awesome find! Hope to see more of this beauty soon!

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    CROATIA LironBain  -  2019-06-22 at 11:20

    cool photos and amazing spot, congrats on the SOTD

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    MF Autospotting  -  2019-06-23 at 09:07

    Insane find! Ich glaube das ist der 3 LaFerrari den wir in Wien haben!

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    AUSTRIA CHSLinz  -  2019-06-25 at 20:36

    Thanks everybody! I appreciate the kind words. This LaF is maybe the best spot I've had in Vienna so far. Credits for the find go to @supercarsofaustria and @912fordgt on Instagram

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    AUSTRIA CHSLinz  -  2019-06-26 at 14:56

    @MF Autospotting Dieser Aperta ist anscheinend bisher in Wien in einer gut gefüllten Garage gewesen, zsm mit ua LaF Coupé, 918, P1, P1 GTR, 993 Turbo Prototyp etc. Gibt daher glaub ich 4 oder 5 LaF in Wien, falls nicht schon wieder welche verkauft wurden

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    MF Autospotting  -  2019-06-26 at 22:02

    Wow, danke für die Info!

  13. This is not ok

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