First BMW M2 Coupé shows up in Essen

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  • 2022-12-06 11:05
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First BMW M2 Coupé shows up in Essen

Later today you can expect another article about the Essen Motorshow and what was inside. A scoop was spotted in the parking garage. The first BMW M2 Coupé G87 without camouflage. This little bomb takes some time but will certainly get used to.

However, let's agree one thing with everyone who buys a new BMW. Have the normal BMW logo mounted and not this fair version. The BMW 50 years logo is meant to be nice, of course, but it does not benefit the aggressive appearance of the M2 Coupé and any other BMW. This M2 Coupé is not in the weak wash. It is immediately equipped with all conceivable M Performance Parts. Even the tab on the towing eye has not been forgotten! In addition, the M Performance front splitter and the M Performance air intake trim, for example, provide a particularly striking impression of the new BMW M2. Customers who want to give the car's side profile a sharper appearance can choose from M Performance carbon fiber side skirts, M Performance carbon fiber side fenders and M exterior mirror caps, which, of course, are also made of carbon fibre.

The sporty appearance can be optimized with the M Performance rear lip spoiler and M Performance rear diffuser, both again in carbon fiber. The M Performance rear spoiler and the M Performance roof spoiler in high-gloss black boost the racing flair again. Also noteworthy is the fact that all M Performance parts are handmade according to BMW!

First BMW M2 Coupé shows up in EssenClick on the photo for more photos of this spot!

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