First 'customer delivered' Ferrari 488 Pista is a fact

First 'customer delivered' Ferrari 488 Pista is a fact

And here it is, the first spot of a 'customer delivered' Ferrari 488 Pista! This car was spotted in Berlin (Germany) by spotter Damors. The Pista looks impressive on the road, and we want to congratulate the Ferrari Design Center team for a job well done. The Pista follows in the footsteps of the 458 Speciale and the F12tdf, that are both improved versions of the original cars. And not only the design, but also the engine is improved.

The development of this sportier version of the 488 GTB, presented Ferrari’s engineers with the highly complex challenge of improving on what was already acknowledged as the world’s best engine. To do so, they had to test out a string of leading-edge solutions, drawing on Ferrari’s successful experience in the competition world. The result is that the Ferrari 488 Pista’s engine has over 50% of new components compared to that of the 488 GTB.

The Ferrari 488 Pista also fully exploits new features developed for the 488 Challenge, not least the engine air intake layout with the intakes moved from the flanks to the rear spoiler area where they are connected directly to the plenums. This drastically reduces fluid-dynamic load losses and ensures a higher volume and cleaner flow of air to the engine, thereby contributing to the increase in power.

Moving the air intakes from the sides to the rear also freed up space for a larger intercooler. Thanks to a cooling layout derived from the 488 Challenge and featuring radiators with an inverted rake so that they are inclined towards the rear, the hot air flow is channelled to below the flanks, well away from the side intakes for the intercooler. This guarantees that power is maintained even in critical situations, such as in the wake of another car.

Eerste klantgeleverde Ferrari 488 Pista is een feit

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