First information McLaren 540C and 570S leaked!

First information McLaren 540C and 570S leaked!

We had to wait a while for an unknown man to give us recent information on the McLaren Sports Series. This car will try to compete with the Porsche Carrera models and also the Mercedes-AMG GT. We already know the names of the two versions that will be introduced next month, just like the specifications of one of the cars. McLaren continues to use numbers for there models and the two upcoming models will be named 540C en 570S!

The 540C and 570S of course receive this name because of their power output. The 570S sprints to the 100 kph in 3.2 seconds. If you think that was all, it will sprint to 200 kph in 9.5 seconds! And that's not even the most impressive. It will reach a topspeed of 328 kph! Besides that, McLaren kept the weight down to 1313 kilograms by using a carbon fiber monocell. Of course this weight will also improve the handling of the car. Prices of the car will be slightly below 200.000 euros. The official introduction will be next month in New York. Later on the McLaren 570GT, on which the rendering below is based, will be introduced. Compared to the 570GT the 540C and 570S will have a vertical rear window and a flat rear deck.

Of course we hope we can show you official pictures before the launch like we did with the 675 LT. Speaking about the 675 LT, McLaren is in a strong doubt of introducing the 675 LT Spider!

Eerst informatie McLaren 540C en 570S gelekt!

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