First prototype of the BMW M5 F90 is now spotted

First prototype of the BMW M5 F90 is now spotted

We will have to wait for another two years before we can find this car at the local BMW dealerships but meanwhile BMW started testing the new BMW M5. The new M5 which has code name F90 will be a big improvement compared with the current generation which is driving around for quite a while already.

The new Cluster Architecture will manage to reduces the weight of the chassis with over 100 kilograms. They will do this by using a lot of carbon fiber just like BMW did with their new 7 Series. Next to that, it will be the first time in the history of the M5 that it will be able to order the M5 with xDrive. Of course, the setup will still transfer most of the power to the rear wheels but when necessary it will send more power to the front wheels to make sure that you won't lose control.

Engine-wise, BMW will still use the same engine. Of course they will also improve the engine and boost the power to around 625 hp. Thanks to the boosted power and the reduced weight, the new generation of the M5 will sprint to 100 kph in 3.9 seconds.

Eerste prototype van BMW M5 F90 gespotEerste prototype van BMW M5 F90 gespot

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