First spot: Mercedes-Maybach S600 Wald Black Bison

First spot: Mercedes-Maybach S600 Wald Black Bison

It feels like it is Maybach-week. This past Monday, Mercedes announced the new G 650 Landaulet and that same day we noticed two great spots of a stunning 62 S and a Brabus 900 Rocket. And today we are writing about the Wald Black Bison version of the Mercedes-Maybach S600. Spotter TYI caught this aggressive looking limousine in Hong Kong.

The Japanese tuner Wald is know for the tuning of limousines. Many of their tuned cars carry the name Black Bison, just like this Mercedes-Maybach S600 that looks a lot sportier than the standard version. We can see a sport exhaust and custom bumpers and of course the typical bumper/fender modifications. The changes give the car the looks of a S-class AMG and the Maybach luxury appearance is no longer there. Choice is something personal, but to me the looks are a bit too aggressive, but that is probably just what Wald wants to achieve.

Primeur gespot: Mercedes-Maybach S600 Wald Black Bison

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