For the first time we see a Bristol 406 Zagato

For the first time we see a Bristol 406 Zagato

For many, this may be a rather unfamiliar car - the Bristol 406 Zagato. This is an incredibly rare collector's car, with only six examples in existence.

The Bristol 406 Zagato was manufactured between 1958 and 1961. During this period, only a very limited number of units were produced, making it an extremely rare automobile.
The most distinctive feature of the 406 Zagato is its unique design, which was crafted by Zagato, a well-known Italian bodybuilder. The design stands out with its striking, aerodynamic body, giving the car a sporty and elegant look.
The 406 Zagato was equipped with a powerful 2.2 liter six cylinder engine that delivered impressive performance for its time. This engine allowed the car to accelerate well and achieve high speeds.
Despite its sporty appearance, the interior of the 406 Zagato was luxuriously designed and comfortable. The interior was of high quality, enhancing the comfort for the occupants.
Due to its low production number of just six units and its exclusive design, the Bristol 406 Zagato became a vehicle for collectors and automotive enthusiasts. This exclusivity has contributed to its status as a coveted collector's item today.

For the first time we see a Bristol 406 ZagatoClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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