For the first time we see a Frangivento GT65

For the first time we see a Frangivento GT65

A rather unusual car, even on the Casino Square in Monte Carlo. The first question that comes to mind when you see this car is probably what brand it is, what technical data it contains, and how expensive it is. These are the exact questions we will answer here...

The name of this beast is Frangivento GT65. Only three of these special vehicles are being produced. All three have different names, and this is already the second specimen to be seen on Monegasque soil.
Under the hood hides a 650 horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine, powering the Sorpasso. With a weight of only 1,480 kg, the Frangivento delivers the performance of a purebred super sports car, with a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in 3 seconds and a top speed of over 330 km/h.
It appears that all three copies have already been sold, but no one knows who bought them. Similarly, the price remains unknown.

For the first time we see a Frangivento GT65Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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