Give your opinion: get rid of the highway spots or not?

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  • 2021-11-25 12:09
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Give your opinion: get rid of the highway spots or not?

Earlier this year we emailed a large group of highway spotters, both in the Netherlands and abroad, requesting to reduce the number of highway spots. We are now more than six months down the road and it is time for the next step.

In March 2021, we sent an email to highway spotters who flood the site with dozens of highway spots per upload round, or have more than dozens of highway spots on their account. In the mail we asked to reduce the number of highway spots and to be more selective in what is uploaded.

Why the e-mail and what did what the response?
The email was sent in response to ongoing complaints and irritations from spotters. Since we always take complaints and feedback from spotters seriously, we have sought the dialogue. The comments we got back ranged from understanding and reduction to 0.0 change or even an increase.

What are (according to spotters) the complaints?
"Quantity", "inspirationless", "boring", "no additional value", "often poor quality", "always the same angles", "it reduces views for nice spots" is feedback we hear.

Give your opinion!
Now it's time for everybody to cast their vote, even those who are not highway spotters. Should the highway spots go or should they stay? Please note: these are spots where spotters camp along the highway, over a level crossing, at a viaduct/bridge/gas station. So not: if you're in a car and a supercar drives by and you can take some beautiful pictures.

The poll will run until December 1. After that we will make the final decision, along with previously received feedback.

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