Great Ways to Modify Your Car

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Great Ways to Modify Your Car

Is your automobile your pride and joy? Do you want to lavish it with unique accessories to make it stand out from the crowd? The list of ways in which you can pimp your ride is endless. Here are great ways to modify your car.

Color Me Rad
The most obvious and effective way to upgrade your car is to change its outer appearance by giving it a full-color respray. A freshly painted, shiny car suggests a considerably higher value than a dull, scratched, dented, and rusty vehicle. Use high-quality sand blasting equipment to remove rust and old paint and then paint it any color your heart desires. You could even paint designs or beautiful artwork onto it to make it truly unique.

Another method of upgrading your car's bodywork is to wrap it. Car wrapping involves covering the vehicle in a special foil and using hot air to adhere it to the metal. Any design can be printed onto the foil so you can transform your car into a masterpiece. However, the foil doesn’t respond well to different cleaning methods such as mechanical car wash machines and should be handled with care.

If you want a more subtle change to your car's body, use decals. Decals are vinyl stickers and come in many designs such as racing stripes, flames, pin-up girls, and humorous slogans.

Lux Interior
For many people, it's what’s on the inside that counts. Give your auto the wow factor by furnishing it with stylish seat covers in an eye-catching color or design. Choose a theme for your car, such as Girl Racer with pink trimmed seat covers and matching car mats or leopard print seat covers for that classic kitsch image.

Cover old stained floors with new mats emblazoned with your initials, cartoon characters, or your favorite sports team's emblem. Add to the soft furnishings with funky seat belt covers and a steering wheel cover.

Let There Be Light
If you love cruising the streets at night, fire up your automobile’s aesthetic with some new light effects.
Underglow lighting refers to neon or LED lights attached to the chassis' underside to illuminate the ground underneath the car. Specific lighting kits can be controlled by Bluetooth or even by sound.

Your automobile's headlights and fog lamps can be made more stylish by fitting LED bulbs or xenon bulbs. LED lighting strips can also be used in the car's interior to create different mood lighting.

Put it on a Plate
Personalized license plates are a smart way to give your car its own unique identity. You can purchase a plate that denotes your car's pet name you have for it or describes its image, such as GRRR for a big beast of an automobile. You can be as creative as you like.
Many people like to find license plates with their names, initials, or birth date on them. They can even be given as a personalized gift to loved ones and can actually be an excellent financial investment, depending on what their characters denote.

Wheel of Fortune
An easy yet effective way to transform your vehicle's look and make it stylish is to change the wheels. Super polished alloy wheels can really give your car an expensive look, as can a set of good quality tires. Buying well-made tires will also make your vehicle safer to drive in wet and icy conditions. Further enhance the look of the wheels with decorative valve caps on the tires.

Bling is King
For extra sparkle, add some glittery decorative accents to your ride. Fresheners that attach to air vents can be purchased in many designs such as rhinestone Mickey mouse, flowers, or your car brand logo. Jeweled decals can be added to the center of your car's wheels, around door locks, at the steering wheel's center, and on the gearstick.

Body Talk
Your car's shape can be customized by adding various body modifications such as spoilers, bumpers, fenders, side skirts, or canards.
Adding a new shape of hood or trunk can completely change a vehicle's appearance and make it stand out in the crowd. Other body modifications can make the car more aerodynamic.

To make your car more fuel-efficient and give a better performance, you can change the exhaust. A new exhaust may also enhance your vehicle's value if you are replacing an old rusty one but let’s face it; most people get a revved-up exhaust system because of the cool sound it makes.

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