High-tech Features You Can Find In Today's New Cars

High-tech Features You Can Find In Today's New Cars

Technology has made cars much safer on the road, more convenient to drive and capable of lower carbon emissions. Now, the automotive industry is maximizing technology in its mission of minimizing road accidents and fatalities while maintaining utmost comfort for all consumers. Get to know the cool, high-tech features that you can try in today’s existing car models.

Self-driving cars are still a dream that manufacturers want to see come true someday. What the industry has now though are advanced capabilities that make driving pleasant, safe and environment-friendly. And everyone on the battlefield is outsmarting each other to drive sales, increase deliveries year-over-year and gain a bigger share of the luxury market. If you happen to be a fan of car technologies and want to know what you can try, here is a handy list of existing features that might be expensive but totally worth it from day one.

Digital key
These gadgets can easily unlock doors, gates, windows or even curtains with one swipe of your mobile phone. The digital key feature is being developed by Hyundai starting with its 2020 Sonata car models. This application does not just let users open the vehicle but also allows starting it with a smartphone. Ditching the traditional key can help solve the rising problem of auto theft or the simple trouble of forgetting a key.

The South Korean manufacturer has teamed up with fellow IT company, Ksmartech, in developing a smartphone app and has succeeded in testing the technology for the Sonata during the second quarter of 2018. Hyundai teased the digital key option at the 2019 New York International Auto Show last month. The key can be used by four people and works even without a cell signal.

Voice control
Pressing the keys for music or navigating the road with a smartphone can be distracting while you drive. These movements though quick might lead to road accidents and personal injury cases like those settled by seattlemalpracticelawyers.com. This is now changing. Digital assistants that brought convenience at home are now being optimized for the car as well.

Amazon’s Alexa can help drivers get their eyes off the smartphone with the patented voice command when calling or texting, selecting songs, asking for directions and controlling smart devices even when far from home. Advanced controls include starting the vehicle, defrosting the windscreen, setting the AC or checking an electric vehicle’s state of charge.

Aside from Amazon’s famous virtual assistant, manufacturers have turned to Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay to provide a seamless control of a car’s infotainment system. Recently, league leaders Audi, Honda and Renault have partnered with Alibaba Group Holding for voice-controlled services of cars in China. The e-commerce giant announced that the internet-enabled features include natural language processing, booking movie tickets, loading information about nearby attractions or restaurants and placing orders to online shops.

Infotainment screens
The automakers’ main goal is to ensure safety while driving. This is the reason why they are upgrading systems by minimizing physical controls and activating voice command with bigger, more advanced infotainment screens. These devices provide smooth connectivity options in the car to provide users ease and comfort while commuting.

Unlike smartphones that are smaller and more difficult to use when driving, infotainment screens are bigger (can go as high as 12 inches) and have rich features that include multi-information display, satellite radio, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation system and touchscreen controllers. These features aim to mitigate safety risks that are common while driving.

Automatic emergency braking system
At times, road accidents happen even when people take extra care while driving. To help avoid an impending crash or reduce its impact, car makers have created an automatic emergency braking system that detects a possible forward collision, and assists in braking if the driver is not responsive. Also, the advanced warning system constantly monitors the distance of the driven vehicle with other vehicles and checks if there is an impending rear-end collision.

Everybody wants to be safe and comfortable while travelling on the road. Improvements in vehicle technology can help alleviate safety issues, lower the risks of accidents and make commuting more relaxing.

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