Horror story! Blowout at 300 kph!

Horror story! Blowout at 300 kph!

Cruising on the highway, you decide to flat out. You drive way above 300 kph and you start to hear a strange sound followed by a bang. You lose control over the car and the wall next to the highway starts to come very close. A blowout at 300 kph isn't much luck but followed by a crash into a wall is completely unlucky. Luckily, the passengers had a few guardian angels because they weren't injured. This story could have had a completely different end.

It happened to a German on the Autobahn A7 near Hannover-Sud with his Ferrari 430 Scuderia. He was heading towards home and that became a nightmare but luckily the owner can still tell the story by himself. You wouldn't believe that when you see this car. This man was very lucky!

Spannend! Klapband bij 300 km/u!Spannend! Klapband bij 300 km/u!

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