How are wooden steering wheels made?

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How are wooden steering wheels made?

Have you ever thought (even a little bit) about car interiors, how are they designed, and how are particular aspects of the interior crafted? If so, you should’ve likely stopped and thought about steering wheels in particular. Nowadays, the steering wheel is the main control panel of the vehicle. Besides being just the driving tool, the modern-day steering wheel is full of buttons, screens even and various knobs that help control pretty much every aspect of the vehicle. However, let’s look at a more classy and elegant option – a wooden steering wheel and see how it is made!

The initial phases
No matter what style of steering wheel you want, classic or vintage steering wheel — it all begins with the production or the selection of a right metal frame. It is sort of the core or the base element of every steering wheel, whether it be wooden, plastic, vinyl or made from anything else. Wood is just the decorative, surface element. You can either order a steering wheel metal carcass or take one from an old steering wheel by exposing it. So, if we are talking about the manufacture of wood grain steering wheels or wooden steering wheels, the producer takes a custom-made metal carcass and begins working on it.

Then manufacturers take a large wooden panel and cut out a circle with the exact same measurements as the steering wheel. The outer diameter is cut with the inclusion for additional elements like spokes or anything else.

Process and finishing touches
After the circle (outer and others) are cut, manufacturers move on to applying ornaments, details and accents. In this phase, the steering wheel is shaped, smoothened out (by sanding) and other similar tasks are completed. Usually, wooden wheels are aimed at retro cars and rarely come with any electrical outlets, especially in the outer parts of the wooden rim.

Now that the metal rim and the wooden finish are both ready to go, the manufacturer clamps them together. After attaching, they are glued together and become almost inseparable. After a while of cooling off, the extremely-sturdy and strong steering wheel carcass can be labelled as ‘produced’.

The final phase consists of decoration and artistic finishing touches. Everything in this phase depends on the choices a customer or the factory decides to make. Possibilities are almost limitless, and thus customers are in constant demand for high-quality wooden steering wheels with unique, personalised trim.

The best pros in the business
Making a wooden steering wheel by yourself is possible, but it is definitely not advisable. Aesthetics and practicality will never come close to the works of professionals, and safety can become a huge concern. Besides, high-level professionals can make even your wildest fantasies come true. They are not limited by a lack of experience, low-grade tools or a shortage of crafting materials.

If you want a high-grade, top of the range custom made steering wheel from wood; you should definitely check out They are one of the most experienced and reputable names in the business with satisfied customers from all over the world. As a family business, they have the know-how of woodworking that spans generations and can help anyone boost individuality and excitement of everyday driving. All thanks to a custom wooden steering wheel! If you already have, for example a vintage steering wheel, also provide a vintage steering wheel restoration service.

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