How Much Does It Cost to Ship Luxury and Exotic Cars?

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship Luxury and Exotic Cars?

Shipping a standard vehicle is one thing. Shipping a car that falls under the exotic or luxury category is a whole other ballgame. If you're currently thinking about shipping an exotic or luxury vehicle cross-country or internationally, you’ll need the cooperation of a reputable car shipping company. If you pick the right auto transport service, you can expect top-notch shipping results.

If this is your first time hiring an auto transport service, you may lack a basic understanding of average costs. For more information on luxury car shipping rates, read on.

Cost averages
If you ship an exotic or luxury vehicle from one coast to another, your shipping company of choice will likely charge anywhere from $800 to $1,200 in total. If you pay an amount that exceeds that range, the company in question prioritizes securing the highest profit over customer satisfaction. If you’re trying to adhere to a budget, research companies rated affordable by their current customer base.

It can be hard to gauge exotic and luxury car shipping expenses when specific companies generally charge different amounts. Some companies charge upward of $1.50 for each mile, which applies for distances between one and 500 miles.

If you have to transport a vehicle for 350 miles, expect to pay roughly $525. Note, too, that the further your vehicle has to go, the cheaper the total will be when all is said and done. If you have to transport a car for upward of 1,000 miles, you may only have to pay $1.15 for each mile, totaling to about $860. If you decide to ship a car from coast to coast, most shipping providers will offer a relatively affordable rate. In some cases, you may only have to pay 90 cents for each mile of travel.

Why are standard shipping rates and luxury vehicle shipping rates different?
Some vehicle owners may wonder why shipping costs for exotic or luxury cars differ from the shipping costs for other kinds of vehicles. Depending on your shipping provider, they aren't always different. If the prices vary, it may be because exotic and luxury cars are typically shipped inside fully-enclosed trailers.

Due to their high price tag, most luxury vehicle owners opt out of the open-carrier shipping method in the interest of protecting their vehicle from airborne debris and other roadside hazards. The motive behind shipping a car in an enclosed container is to ensure that it arrives at its final destinations, looking as immaculate as ever.

Although open-carrier shipping costs significantly less, people who own luxury and exotic vehicles are sometimes apprehensive about subjecting their prized possessions to all of the unpredictable hazards associated with shipping. Unfortunately, during the shipping process, the sun can wreak havoc on a car’s exterior and wear an otherwise stunning exotic or luxury vehicle. Other environmental factors can be just as destructive to big-ticket cars. Examples of these are snow, hail, and intense rainfall.

When investing in closed-container shipping, car owners don’t have to worry about luxury and exotic cars costing more to ship. Vehicle shipping costs don’t correspond with the car’s retail value or type in any circumstances. The cost of shipping will depend on factors such as weight, miles, and shipping style. If your shipping provider tries to bump up the price for closed-carrier shipping simply because you own a luxury vehicle, consider this a red flag. If you have a luxury car, you should be able to ship it for the same price as a standard vehicle.

In summary
It's critical to put a lot of thought and time into picking an auto transport company that will ship your luxury or exotic car exactly where it needs to go. For optimal savings, compare any quotes you receive. You don't want to pay for exotic or luxury car shipping that seems inexplicably high.

On the other side of the spectrum, it may be anxiety-inducing for a luxury car owner to hire an auto transportation company that charges you far below the average. If you receive a free quote that seems too good to be true, it most likely is. You don't want to risk damaging your exotic or luxury vehicle just to save a little bit of money.

Try to pick a carrier that’s been in business for a minimum of half a decade, as these shipping providers will have the experience necessary to ensure your vehicle arrives in a timely fashion. Before hiring, ask about open and enclosed shipping techniques and their adjoining costs. If your vehicle’s safety is of utmost concern, don't go with a company that doesn’t offer their customers insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

To find a reliable auto transport service, perform a quick online search. When you come across a transportation company with a strong reputation and a series of enthusiastic reviews from luxury and exotic vehicle owners, then it may be time for you to request a quote. As a rule-of-thumb, look for reviews that mention fast response times, competitive rates, and other customer benefits.

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