How Much horsepower would you like with that GT-R. How about 1750?

How Much horsepower would you like with that GT-R. How about 1750?

If you want to stand out in Monaco a regular Ferrari wont cut it these days, if however you want to stand out during the Top Marques event you really have to be on your A game. The driver of this insane GT-R took a good shot at doing just that! Where a standard GT-R comes with a very respectable 600bhp this car manages to almost triple that to a staggering 1750 BHP!

it is clear that the ladies and gentleman of the company called Brill steel Motorsport did not just “tweak the engine a little bit” This GT-R has the looks to match the power, and incredible wing, a new set of kickass rims a new hood and a front splitter so low you probably need a new one after each speed bump this GT-R is a real showstopper! According to the spots on the Autogespot website this car has never left Monaco but i have a gut feeling this is false, how amazing would it be to drive this car on the Nurburgring or through the mountains of switzerland, is it even possible to drive due to its massive power? Until someone tries, we will never know!

Hoeveel PK wil je in die GT-R? Ach doe maar 1750

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    Heriberto C. Busch  -  2020-03-18 at 08:54

    You see have a lot of questions regarding the progress that is being made in the designs and engines of the car but now I use to get dissertation work. Off course it would be simply amazing to have a ride in that car.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA michael99  -  2020-03-18 at 16:44

    1750 horsepower is too many I think. GTR is my dream car! to ge

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