Is the 992 GT3 RS the ultimate travel car?

Is the 992 GT3 RS the ultimate travel car?

When you buy a brand new 992 GT3 RS, it's quite possible to underestimate the trunk space, as this car wasn't necessarily designed for extended travel.

In such cases, there are usually a few tricks up one's sleeve. One idea would be to install a trailer hitch. With a small trailer, you can already transport a fair amount of luggage. However, try fitting a trailer hitch to a GTR3 RS, and you can forget about it, as the exhaust system is likely to be in the way. So, there's still a second option: simply attaching a roof box, as was done in this case. However, this is not all that easy either, as the RS doesn't have a very large roof area. Nevertheless, this shouldn't pose a major problem, as it has a huge roof box attachment at the rear where you can secure the roof box.

The third and most challenging option would be to reduce your luggage and only take the absolute essentials, so that they fit in the tiny trunk.

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