Is this the most beautiful Chiron?

Is this the most beautiful Chiron?

Among the multitude of Chirons we see in Dubai, this one stands out, even though it's not even a Pur Sport or a Super Sport.

When you're in Dubai, you have to stand out. If you only have a regular Chiron and not a Pur Sport, Super Sport, Divo, or Centodieci, it's challenging. The only problem is that there's a whole bunch of exactly those in Dubai, so sometimes less might actually be more. This completely normal Chiron has been configured so perfectly that it can easily keep up with its extreme siblings. On one hand, one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, Bugatti shade called Bugatti Light Blue Sport was selected, of which only 10 have been painted in the entire history of Bugatti. Combined with white, it just looks superb. But the real highlight is the wheels. Out of a variety of options, the least selected standard and concept wheels were chosen, which, in my opinion, are the most beautiful of them all, and they were even polished to a high gloss. On many hypercars, such polished wheels wouldn't fit at all, but not with Bugatti, as there's still room for shine and sparkle, just like the wheels. So, it can be said that out of the approximately 130 Bugattis currently in Dubai, this one definitely belongs to the most beautiful ones.

Is this the most beautiful Chiron?Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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