Is this the most beautiful Divo?

Is this the most beautiful Divo?

Blue has always been and still is the most popular color for Bugatti. If you were to place all the Bugattis ever produced side by side, the lineup would be extremely blue-heavy. Naturally, the customers for the Divo made no exception. However, here we see an extraordinary blue.

When configuring a Bugatti, you have the choice between numerous shades of blue. There are more and less well-known ones; in this Bugatti Divo registered in Monaco, the stunning color Royale Blue Carbon was selected. Out of the 40 Bugatti Divos, about three to four were configured in this color. And one must say, now that we see the beautiful color in daylight, it looks perfect. Whether it is the most beautiful is, of course, a matter of taste. However, one must acknowledge that there are many Bugatti Divos in blue, and in this sense, it is not something incredibly special. For example, the red one from the USA or the only matte yellow one from Switzerland are much more distinctive. There is also an Austrian example belonging to the Porsche family in dark green carbon, but in my opinion, it was ruined by the yellow accents. However, I am sure some consider it the most beautiful example. The white ones with light blue accents are also extremely beautiful. Ultimately, one must say that a Bugatti Divo, no matter how it looks, is always an incredible sight.

Is this the most beautiful Divo?Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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