It is over, we won't see the Maserati Kubang again

It is over, we won't see the Maserati Kubang again

One of the most sensational concept models of the last few months was the Maserati Kubang. This concept had to look like the final SUV-model which Maserati is planning to produce. After the exhibitions of Frankfurt, Dubai and Detroit is Beijing the final stop for this concept. Maserati can draw her conclusions from all the different reactions and can start to optimize their model.

Everyone will know that this model wasn’t really popular on the exhibitions and internet forums. The car was simply not beautiful enough and looked too much like a transformed Infiniti. Maserati has to make a more exciting production model which will probably be presented on the exhibition of Detroit in 2014. We expect a V8 under the hood, which will probably give a lovely sound, just like its brothers. The production model will probably not look like the concept model, so we are hoping we will get some spyshots of this completely new model of Maserati. We are very curious what Maserati eventually will come up with.

It is over, we won't see the Maserati Kubang again

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    SLOVENIA Big_Marx  -  2012-05-02 at 08:17

    Thanks god that we wont see this ugly SUV lol.

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