It won't get more decadent than this Maybach

It won't get more decadent than this Maybach

The difference between poor and rich can be very big in Russia, but in Moscow it's even bigger. This has to do with the enormous amount of millionaires in this city. They know that you can do everything as long as you have enough money. Together with this status comes a matching car. A bright white Maybach 62 S with golden details is such a car, perfect as a status symbol.

Strange enough, it doesn't even look that special. That's because the adjustments are quite subtle. Well, the wheels didn't need to be paintedin gold, but besides that, the car looks quite tasteful. The golden grill, the golden line on the side and the golden logos are a great contrast with the white colour. White is the perfect colour for these adjustments, because a black copy would have look more distasteful. We wouldn't be surprised if the interior of the car is also filled with gold details but unfortunately we can't see this on the photos.

Veel decadenter dan deze Maybach wordt het niet

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