Italdesign Brivido can go into production

Italdesign Brivido can go into production

Officially it's still a concept but if you ask us the car can go in production. What a beautiful car! This beautiful Italian car was driving around in Berlin and you can be sure that it gets a lot of attention.

The fact that the car is driving around in Germany isn't that surprising. The hybrid drive train of the car comes from Volkswagen. With a combined power of 360 hp you can sprint to 100 kph in six seconds and you can reach a top speed of 275 kph. Speed of the Italdesign goes not at the expense of space and comfort, if we have to believe Italdesign. The doors at the side are two enormous wing doors and the mirrors are cameras. The Italian hand of the design is clearly visible but the German technology makes it really interesting. Meanwhile the car was introduced on the Geneva Motor Show, three years ago and it's about time for a production version. We're looking forward to it!

Italdesign Brivido mag direct in productie

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