James Bond’s Cool Cars Changed the way we drive

James Bond’s Cool Cars Changed the way we drive

James Bond’s motto is to live to ‘die another day’. If it were not for the innovative gadgets invented in Q’s lab, that another day would have come much sooner. James Bond movies have had a great influence on our technology. The tracking device he uses locate Goldfinger’s car, the doors to secret room controlled with a remote-controlled door, or the finger-print scanner in Diamonds are Forever have all come into reality.

James Bond movies have featured some of the best cars ever made. It was beyond imagination that cars could be equipped with gadgets. Our car’s today don’t have headlights that can launch rockets and neither its seats could be ejected. But you’d be surprised to know how much influence Bond movies have on the way we drive.

Phones in Cars
James Bond Drives a Bentley in From Russia With Love. The car has a telephone it for connecting on the go. A telephone without a cable rings a bell. This idea existed since 1946 but the equipment weighed as much as 80 lbs back then. It came into production in Finland in 1971. They couldn’t become extremely popular due to their cost. James Bond popularized the idea and could’ve even been the impetus for the invention of mobile phones.

The influence is not limited to technology alone. People try and replicate James Bond cars as a hobby.
Tires that never fail you
Run-Flat tire do not just exist in the Bond world now. It has become a reality. Tomorrow never dies had something a lot cooler though. There is a car chase scene in the movie where Bond runs his car over a mat of caltrops. The tires of his cars then re-inflate themselves. We only have run-flat tire in the reality as of now. But there are a ton of self-driving cars and it is about to become a reality.

It can’t be said how long it would’ve taken for the technologies we have today to become a reality if it weren’t for the Bond movies!

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