Koenigsegg CCXS is a real eyecatcher

Koenigsegg CCXS is a real eyecatcher

Not surprisingly that is, any Koenigsegg will be a eyecatcher, even to the people among us who are not that into cars. Literally anyone will be able to tell they are looking at something special!

The Swedish company Koenigsegg is a special brand that keeps surprising us time after time. The company keeps hitting us with new technique and gimmicks. The Gemera gave us the Tiny Friendly Giant Engine and the Regera was the first Koenigsegg without a real gearbox. This CCXS is a one-off car which makes it even more special. The CCXS is based on the CCX and is fitted with a 4,8 liter V8 with 2 added turbos producing a whopping 1018 horse power! The car also sits lower to the ground, has improved brakes and to top it all off a new exhaust was added.

Koenigsegg CCXS pakt de aandacht

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