Lamborghini Countach is the stuff of dreams

Lamborghini Countach is the stuff of dreams

Whenever you were a car lover back in the days, this was one of the cars that were guaranteed to hang from your bedroom walls. Pictures you could admire all day and dream about at night.

For this owner it didn’t stop at admiring and dreaming, he or she actually chased their dreams and achieved them. Driving your Lamborghini Countach LP5000 SS through the swiss mountains must be a life changing experience. Black with the old style gold wheels, a huge but simple spoiler (active aerodynamics were not a thing back in those days). The design was all about the straight lines which we still see in the Lamborghini’s of today.

This Lambo was equipped with 414 horse-power which seems little nowadays but I can assure you, back in 1985 you were the man when you had this amount of power.

Zwarte Lamborghini Countach blijft voor velen een droom
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