Spotter Horse-Power
Spotted in Atlanta (GA), United States of America
Date 2020-11-05 14:13

I spotted this Georgia tagged bull ( RTY7865 ) parked in the valet in front of the Davio's Italian Steakhouse Restaurant located in Phipps Plaza. Finally the valet service is open for business.

Auto details

Topspeed 325 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u 3.20 s
Power 610 pk
Torque 560 Nm @ 6500 tpm
Weight 1422 kg

Comments on this spot

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    Horse-Power  -  2020-11-07 at 13:18

    Thanks mate. I just caught a glimpse of your current spots and that Maserati MC is just stunning, brother. @thomcarspotter

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    jacoboram550  -  2020-11-07 at 12:27

    This car is very nice and its price is reasonable. I have bough this one because I like it very much. If you want to buy a good car in cheap price, you should choose this one.

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    thomcarspotter  -  2020-11-06 at 22:42

    Cool catch West. Looks good with that flaky-carbon wing! Hope all is well on your end @horse-power

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    Horse-Power  -  2020-11-06 at 12:49

    Thank you Jonathan, Kashirin, and Lucas for your comments.

    Hi Lucas, It is amazing how close this election is.

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    LucasH  -  2020-11-05 at 23:12

    Nice find! All eyes on Georgia now with the ongoing election, I've been following it closely!

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    Exclusive BeNeLux  -  2020-11-05 at 21:20

    Wow! Cool catch mate!

  7. Profile pic
    Jjrivero  -  2020-11-05 at 19:19

    Clean spec on this bull, cool find West!

  8. Profile pic
    Horse-Power  -  2020-11-05 at 14:38

    Thank you Alen, Jelle, Thomas, and Vincent for the comments.

    Hi Alen. I would of reached out sooner but I figured you had a lot of things happening on your end? I wanted to wait until you emailed me, first. I apologize for not taking the initiative, my friend. I will write you a proper email on Sunday. Thanks for making my day, buddy. @lyon1845

  9. Profile pic
    yggdrasil  -  2020-11-05 at 14:36

    Lovely spot!

  10. Profile pic
    tk97  -  2020-11-05 at 14:31

    Great spot buddy!

  11. Profile pic
    JCS_carphotography  -  2020-11-05 at 14:28

    Nice wing!

  12. Profile pic
    lyon1845  -  2020-11-05 at 14:25

    Cool spot buddy
    How are you doing, everything going well ?
    Talk to you soon

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