Lamborghini is playing a game: more names registered

Lamborghini is playing a game: more names registered

Lamborghini likes to play some games with us. Before the presentation of a new model, you often see some teasers of the car and apparently, Lamborghini has found a new way to keep the journalists busy. Earlier they registered the name Deimos and now they have registered another name. What can we expect?

Apparently it is a new strategy to register some new names to make us guess what they will come up with. We know they will come with two new models but we don’t know what their name will be. The SUV concept, the Urus, will not get this name when the car gets in production. Next to that, it is a mystery what the name of the successor of the Gallardo LP560-4 will be. The last name Lamborghini registered is Huracán. This means hurricane in Spanish and in the Mayan mythology, Huracán means God of fire. This can possibly be the name of the fourth model, because a fourth model, in shape of the Estoque is also still possible.

Lamborghini is playing a gamel: more names registered

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