Lamborghini production comes to a grinding halt.

Lamborghini production comes to a grinding halt.

The world is having a very hard time dealing with the Covid-19 virus. Where it seems that the authorities in Wuhan have left the worst part behind them, in Europe they are still working hard to contain the rapidly spreading virus. Italy is one of the countries who was hit the hardest and social life has come to a sudden halt.

Lamborghini unfortunately is no exception. A lack of parts, the risk of exposing employees and clients to the virus and a social responsibility to the local population, all are reasons the people at Lamborghini had to make this tough choice. Until the 25th of March all production is discontinued. This means the production of the Huracan, the Urus and the SVJ are currently stopped. The date so far is the 25th of march but ofcourse this is an estimation and we will have to see how the virus develops. It is also waiting to see how the guys at Ferrari, Maserati and Pagani will react.

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    I love this car.

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