Spotted in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Date 2014-12-24 18:23

Auto details

Topspeed 330 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u 3.40 s
Power 670 pk
Torque 660 Nm @ 6000 tpm
Weight 1690 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NEDERLAND BrunoZwag  -  2014-12-24 at 18:36

    holy shit! awesome!!

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    NEDERLAND BrunoZwag  -  2014-12-24 at 18:36

    but why only 2 pics?

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    RUSSIA ZDV  -  2014-12-24 at 18:46

    Because he rarely rides and security does not allow to take pictures, covers it with a cloth :-(

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  2014-12-24 at 18:48

    Amazing spot!

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    BELGIUM Joeri  -  2014-12-24 at 18:55

    @ ZDV
    If the security won't allow you to make pictures means that the owner is probably not so keen about you making pictures of it. Show some respect to the owner.

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    RUSSIA ZDV  -  2014-12-24 at 19:10

    Joeri, nothing wrong, it's all photographed.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Aventarari  -  2014-12-24 at 21:21

    If you're going to buy a car as rare and prestigious as THIS CAR, then you have to expect photos. I fuckin' hate people who buy cars like this, and bitch about you taking photos of it. Like, what do you expect? The owner needs to respect the photographers as well, @Joeri.

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    BELGIUM BernardR  -  2014-12-26 at 09:45

    @Aventarari That's what a child, teenager would say. An adult realizes that one man's property is HIS property. If he doesn't want pictures of it taken, then you should respect that. He doesn't have to respect photographers at all, that doesn't even make sense. Even if this car is as rare as it is, doesn't mean you have to go disrespect his wish.

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    RUSSIA sergzhilcov  -  2014-12-26 at 10:20

    This man never lets to take photo of his cars parked, but while he drives - no problem, take as much photos as you like.

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    DENMARK CCLphotography  -  2014-12-26 at 19:15

    BernardR and Joeri:
    Yes you should respect the owner - as long as he is on private property! The second he leaves private property he has to accept that he is out in public, where people can photograph him and his car as much as they like. It's as simple as that.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Aventarari  -  2014-12-29 at 01:22

    ^^^What he said!

  12. This is not ok

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