Lancia Stratos HF is a forty year old tyrant!

Lancia Stratos HF is a forty year old tyrant!

Only a few cars get more special when they're getting older. The Lancia Stratos HF is definitely one of these cars and a lot of spotters would love to spot this car once in their lifetime. This time, spotter Harald Scheldeman was lucky enough to spot a Lancia Stratos HF which was driving behind him. With its classic livery, this car is a real beauty.

The history of the Lancia Stratos HF is something most of you will know. It's the first car which was completely designed for racing. Bertone is the designer who is responsible for this design, unfortunately that company went bankrupt recently. The reason that you will find Lancia Stratos HF's on the street has to do with the regulations with the Group 4 rally championship. Immediately with the introduction in 1974, this car won the constructors title, something he repeated in 1975 and 1976.

That was not only because of its agile coach, but also because of its engine. The car was fitted with a V6 from a Ferrari Dino which was centrally positioned for an optimal weight ratio and produced in race trim up to 285 hp. The street legal versions produed 190 hp, which is still great for a car which weights only 980 kilograms. It was really spectacular when the Lancia competed in Group 5 because these versions produced up to 560 hp.

Nowadays it's not very cheap to buy a Stratos. You will have to pay around half a million euros for a copy but when you buy one you do have a masterpiece in the car history.

Lancia Stratos HF is een veertig jaar oude geweldenaar

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