Leaked: first photo's from the brutal Audi RS5

Leaked: first photo's from the brutal Audi RS5

Audi is bringing even more horsepower to the Geneva Autoshow. Besides the Audi RS6 Avant Plus, the long-expected Audi RS5 is coming to Geneva as well. In the meanwhile, we finally have got the official footage of this monster!

The exterior is much more extreme compared to its less powerful brother, the S5. At the front of the car, we see a lot of spoilers in order to create the right amount of downforce. At the back, the huge diffuser is noticed immediately. With the RS-models from Audi, we always see two oval exhausts and this model is no exception. Just as the R8, the RS5 has got an extendable spoiler.

The RS5 produces op to 450 bhp at 8250 rpm. Audi's V8 can do a maximum of 8500 rpm. Since the first pictures were leaked already, Audi will probably come out with further details of this sporty model anytime soon.

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