Lumma impresses with the CLR G770R

Lumma impresses with the CLR G770R

Whoever is planning to individualize their Mercedes-Benz G-Class will inevitably come across LUMMA Design. The company from Germany just released the muscular Lumma CLR G770R!

The LUMMA CLR G770 R is another masterpiece and the crowning achievement of the extensive tuning programme for the current Mercedes-Benz G-Class in addition to the already well-known LUMMA CLR G770. Masculine body components, wheelarch-filling alloy wheels in 24-inch format as well as powerful sounding exhaust systems make the legendary off-roader the unmistakable King of the Road that cannot be overlooked or overheard.

The in-house designer completely redesigned the front and rear sections in particular: The front spoiler bumper and rear apron bumper impress with their even more expressive look and complement each other perfectly with the new rear door attachments, the design trim between the rear lights and the front grille with the additional daytime running lights. In addition, the wing extensions have received a technical improvement: These are now made of PUR-RIM plastic and can be screwed directly to the vehicle without gluing and can therefore be easily retrofitted. The production in PUR-RIM also ensures a precisely fitting assembly and reduces time-consuming and costly painting preparations. LUMMA optionally offers its body components made of the high-strength and ultra-light material carbon fibre. The visible carbon fibre structure intentionally evokes associations with motorsport.

A sporty, powerful sounding sports exhaust system was specially developed for the G63. The two flap-controlled rear silencers adorn its flanks with three black or three chrome-plated stainless steel tailpipes on each side and these stage the V8 Biturbo engine with a powerful sound. For the G350d and 400d models, LUMMA offers sports exhaust trims that are reminiscent of the large top model with two black tailpipes on the left and right.

The individualization of the G-Class can be continued in the interior on request. The interior can be completely redesigned from the dashboard to the seats and carpeting.

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