McLaren 620R takes a detour through Holland.

McLaren 620R takes a detour through Holland.

With only 350 units being produced this is a pretty special car to spot, the street legal track car by McLaren was spotted doing a highway run in the Netherlands.

This car is based upon the McLaren 570S GT4 and is equipped with a 3,8 Liter V8 no less than 610 BHP, with all the success McLaren has had in the past Racing season while using the 570S GT4 this must be a pretty serious car to drive.

Weighing in at just 1282KG this car is playing in the lightweight division, when you combine that with the twinturbo V8 a lot of fun is inevitable. 0-60 takes 2,9 seconds, and 0-125 takes 8,1 seconds and the insane acceleration stops at 200 Mph which is actually 3,5 mph slower than the 600LT because of the downforce the huge rear wing is producing

The car did have a hefty price tag, 300,000 Euro’s to be exact, whether all of the cars have been sold is not clear yet but I wouldn’t be surprised, it seems like McLaren can’t do anything wrong these days. Production of the car would have started in January this year but so far only factory cars have been spotted, the Covid 19 virus wont help either.

McLaren 620R doet even Nederland aan

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