McLaren Senna is the ultimate car to window shop

McLaren Senna is the ultimate car to window shop

Built for the track, but used to go window shopping. The original sticker on the McLaren Senna is about $900,000 and if you were not among the lucky initial buyers, you can pay $1.45 million at the auction to get a "used" Senna.

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci. These are just a few of the luxury shops on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. The street is a popular shopping destination for the rich and famous. And that brings a great variety of luxury and exotic cars to the busy street. Not that there is a lot of space in the "trunk" of the Senna, but I guess you can go shopping by yourself and use the passenger seat to store all your purchases. Not all exotic car owners just come there to shop and there are drivers that take their car to Rodeo just to show off. Speeding and the use of loud exhausts have recently lead to an increase in police patrols.

McLaren Senna is ultieme auto om te windowshoppen
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