Mean looking: Maybach Brabus 57 S

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  • 2016-12-27 14:24
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Mean looking: Maybach Brabus 57 S

The Maybach brand as we know it has been converted to Mercedes-Maybach. Is that a bad thing? Well, we can clearly see that the cars of the luxury brand have lost their own character. Yes, the Maybach 57S was based on the W220 S-Class, but the brand clearly separated the design from the Mercedes brand. And that is especially the case with this Brabus tuned version.

This 'pimped up' version walks a fine line! The black finish, rims, grille and tinted windows gives it a 'gangster ride' appearance. But somehow this appearance fits the Maybach well and the Brabus logos even give it some validation. We don't know if this car has some modifications under the hood, but with the standard 612 hp you will not have to worry about the lack of power. But if Brabus got its hands on the engine, you will get a stunning 730 hp at your disposal. And you will need that to get the 6,000 pound limousine to hit 205 mph. Unprecedented, even by today's standards.

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