Mercedes-AMG GT-R is getting ready...

Mercedes-AMG GT-R is getting ready...

The first delivery has yet to take place, but once every while a factory GT-R test car is being spotted. And when it does, it shows us how impressive this car is, especially when we compare it to the standard Mercedes-AMG GT. Spotter Benju_2102 caught this GT-R on the highway.

Unfortunately there were only two photos, but two are better than none. The Mercedes-AMG GT-R is clearly the more powerful brother of the GT-models. More than likely we will see a Black Series in the GT's future, but for now the GT-R will be the most powerful AMG. The rear spoiler and the enormous diffuser are eye catchers. And new for Mercedes-AMG is the center exhaust system and we expect the sound it produces to be stunning. The first deliveries will start soon and the party for spotters can begin. Even if they are all delivered in green, we will not complain!

Mercedes-AMG GT-R draait alvast warm

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