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Spotted in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date 2021-01-16 13:51

What a great car this is! As you can see it was pretty much impossible to get the car at a good angle at the front. Also the interior is very nice! I spotted this a month ago.

Auto details

Topspeed 250 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u 4.30 s
Power 585 pk
Torque 900 Nm @ 2250 tpm
Weight 2090 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS scoote1  -  2021-01-16 at 15:44

    geweldige spot,@kruiskade?

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    NETHERLANDS LN-Automotive  -  2021-01-16 at 18:15

    Dikke S!

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    LucasH  -  2021-01-21 at 17:03

    Heerlijk interieur! Tweede foto vind ik echt fantastisch, super netjes gedaan vanuit die hoek!

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    NETHERLANDS Jfvspots  -  2021-01-22 at 13:06

    Thanks! @scoote1 @LN-Automotive @LucasH

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