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Spotted in Aachen, Germany
Date 2013-03-15 08:45

Wat een beest! Zo hoort een G-klasse te zijn. Dit is een spotje van vorige zaterdag. Later op de terugweg zag ik nog een SLS AMG uit Hamburg.

Auto details

Topspeed 210 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 5.40 s
Power 544 hp
Torque 760 Nm @ 2000 RPM
Weight 2550 kg

Comments on this spot

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    UKRAINE JAGER  - 2013-03-15 at 08:48

    new plates? too short

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    NETHERLANDS JorisK  - 2013-03-15 at 11:00

    Eindelijk weer eens een spot in Aachen, is altijd een beetje dood daar in de winter haha!
    Leuke spot, kom je dit jaar ook weer naar de TEFAF?

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    slabate  - 2013-03-15 at 11:23

    Telkens ik naar Aachen ga, valt er helemaal niks te spotten…

    Nee, dit jaar ga ik niet naar de TEFAF, jammer genoeg.

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    GERMANY V12_Screamer  - 2013-03-15 at 16:01

    Nice find!
    What are the best spotting places in Aachen?

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    slabate  - 2013-03-15 at 16:50

    In the city center you won't find a lot of cars, I'm afraid. I just come across 2 or 3 exclusive cars when I go there — sometimes even nothing at all. When there's an event like a horse show you're more likely to find something.

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    NETHERLANDS JorisK  - 2013-03-15 at 19:38

    It has to be sunny and about all cars drive by.. They don't really park there.. Though there are some good days, there is plenty to see and spot then. You have to be lucky. In the Parkhauses you will at least find some spots on a saturday!
    In de zomer is er genoeg te zien!!
    Ah.. Zonde!

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    slabate  - 2013-03-15 at 19:48

    V12_Screamer: I'd advise you to go to the area around the football stadium. I've already seen a few nice cars there while I was driving around but I couldn't stop. In the city center you're less likely to find something.

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    BELGIUM auto-moto0611  - 2013-03-18 at 09:31

    Wat een tank !

  9. This is not ok

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