Mercedes Maybach S 600 is not going anywhere!

Mercedes Maybach S 600 is not going anywhere!

Paying bills, everyone is burdened with this responsibility, even the owners of a Maybach. It looks like this owner forgot/refused to pay for parking and life has a way to get back at you for that.

A wheel clamp that is. Something you never want to see on your car. Not only the fact that you have to deal with all the hassle but also the fact you dont want to have steel on steel wich will surely cause damage well worth the ticket amount. Lesson of the day, pay for your parking!

Mercedes-Maybach S 600 mag nergens meer heen

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 3rdGear  -  2020-02-23 at 01:08

    LOL! You can afford a Maybach, but you can't pay for parking!

  2. This is not ok