Milan surprises with a beautiful duo

Milan surprises with a beautiful duo

The photographer Fraka must have been quite amazed when he turned the corner and saw this breathtaking combo standing there. Not just one, but two Paganis standing together in the heart of Milan.

The two BCs fit perfectly into the capital of design. Because if there's an automotive manufacturer where design is paramount, it would likely be Pagani. Every imaginable component is a delicate design element. Nothing is left to mere function. What's particularly intriguing about these two Paganis is that they hail from Spain. One wonders if they've just come from a visit to the Pagani factory or if they're on their way to Modena.
One thing that can definitely be said is that the Roadster BC is one of the most beautiful. Its dark green paint, adorned with red, white, and golden accents, looks simply perfect. The same cannot be said for the other BC, which is "only" in regular gray visible carbon. Nevertheless, it's wonderful to see a BC and a Roadster BC side by side and compare them because that's where you can see the differences best...

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