Morocco shows us a Subtle Mansory S 63 AMG

Morocco shows us a Subtle Mansory S 63 AMG

We don’t see that many spots out of Morroco, but when we do there are bound to be some cool and specials cars in between them. This Mercedes-Benz Mansory S63 AMG Coupé Platinum Edition for example.

The car in question is Mansory’s take on a Mercedes S 63 AMG. The owner opted for the so called ‘soft kit’. A kit which is unmistakably a Mansory creation but also pretty subtle (For Mansory terms). Especially when compared to some of the other creations the German tuning company gave birth to. Still a lot has changed, a lot of carbon fiber was added on the splitter, the grille, mirrors, and the spoiler and diffuser. We also see some new air vents on the hood which are tasked with providing the V8 with some well deserved air.

Marokko laat een subtiele Mansory S 63 AMG Coupé zien

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