Most popular Online Slot Variations

Most popular Online Slot Variations

If you have played online or offline slots at least a few times you must have noticed the huge variety of different types that exist, especially at huge sites such as if you are wondering how they differ and how many different types exist out there you are in the right place. However, I won’t be able to describe every single one of them since this would require a book, but I will instead attempt to bring together some of the most popular types, which also tend to resonate the most with online players.

3 Reel Classic Slot Machines
This type originates from the initial slot machines that were developed more than a century ago; they are easy to play, since the player merely has to match 3 symbols in the row across the 3 reels to win. They are still popular with many players even though they do not carry all the different features offered by most recent games.

5 Reel Slots
This type is the most common today and the successor of the classic slot machines. Most online slot games today have 5 reels and offer 25 paylines, increasing the chances of winning by far. Nonetheless, they tend to offer some very low rewards, but also some extremely high ones.
By increasing the number of paylines so far, developers were also able to add different features, such as bonus games and extras, which turned online slots from a quite dull game to one of the most exciting ones. These also differ according to the theme each slot machine has, so people are quite never getting bored of them.

Progressive Slots
These games are usually the favourite pick of the players who are after bigger prizes. The jackpot increases as players bet to win it, and sometimes they reach such a high amount that players from across the world gather to compete for it.
The odds of winning this are not very high, but it is definitely worth a try.

Mobile Slots
These slot games are developed in an alternative fashion to enable players who prefer to play on the move, but still want to enjoy the amazing graphics offered by desktop slot games.

Look out for them if you are travelling or just don’t like playing from home or in a casino.

Mega Spin Slots
This is the ideal option for players who are both after bigger prizes, but also tend to want different things. This option allows players to bet on 5 or 6 slot games at the same time, by bringing them all together in one screen.

This is a function that can be found in any of the above slot types and allows players to multiply their winnings from 2x to 100x. Usually it has to be won by matching some symbols, which vary according to the slot game theme.

Multi-payline Slots
Lastly, as it was also mentioned above, the paylines have increased a lot with the new online slot games that are being developed. However, each game has different ones, which can be straight, zig zag or diagonal.

Make sure you understand what you need to get in order to win prizes before you start playing the game, otherwise you are very likely to end up feeling frustrated.

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